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House Concerts in Tilburg


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On Sunday afternoon, June 23, 2019, Bob Fox will perform in our living room, the man who was the cause of our initiative for organizing home concerts, even though he doesn't know much about it of course. A singer from Northern England with a real beautiful and warm voice, who can accompany himself fantastic on the guitar or piano. We had seen this Bob Fox live in "our" pub in England and when we received a message that he would also come to the Netherlands (we are now talking about 2010) we naturally wanted to hear him again, because we were very impressed by him. The place where we could listen to him turned out to be a living room in The Hague (Thank you Karin Pronk !!) and the concept of that living room concert appealed to us so much that we (after a very long hesitation and gathering courage) also started organizing small-scale concerts in our own house. I can say with a lot of pleasure and success!

Bob Fox (voor nieuws)

And now he comes to us !!! What can you say about him? Bob is not a singer-songwriter, he sings songs from others and he does that beautifully. Songs by Ralph McTell (writer of the famous Streets of London), Jez Lowe (as you know one of my idols), Billy Mitchell and many, many others like from The Beatles for example. In Great Britain, he has been particularly busy in recent years as the "songman" in the theater spectacle War Horse, with which production he has been in London's West End for a long time, toured the UK and even went to South Africa. In addition, he is active in all kinds of "collaborations", such as with, among others, Jez Lowe in The Pitmen Po√ęts. He has just finished another tour through Australia and comes to the Netherlands for one concert on June 23, so to us !! Very special! This concert is an afternoon concert !! So pay close attention to the starting time !! To ensure that people get involved in something, both before and after the concert can plan, we'll start the music at 4 p.m. During the break there will be fewer snacks, but around half past six after the concert we provide soups and a sandwich (or 2 haha). That is why we ask you to indicate when you make your reservation whether you will be kept with that soup and sandwich and whether you have dietary requirements or allergies. So: make sure you don't miss this afternoon !! We are going to turn it into a party again and look forward to it enormously!

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Therefore: put the date of June 23rd 2019 in your diary, make sure nothing else comes up on that date, make your reservation through this site and ensure yourself of the best seat!!
As usual we would love to have a "session afterwards", so should you play an instrument please take it with you or would you like to sing please stay as long as you like after the concert!!

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