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The first half of the first month of this new decade has come to an end and with it also the holidays and the New Year receptions! We at Folk At Home hope you all had a great December and wish you a great 2020, of course! And because we also wish that it can be a year full of beautiful music, it is high time to invite you to the first home concert of this new year at Folk At Home!
On Saturday, February 29 2020, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer a duo from Great Britain will come in our living room to treat you to a program full of their own songs and melodies and known and unknown instruments to the most of you.

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (voor nieuws)

Vicki Swan from Sweden plays namely on the nyckelharpa, or actually I have to say on nyckelharpas, because this special instrument exists in many different types and pitches. It is originally a Swedish instrument and is also referred to as sleutelvedel or sleutelharp in Dutch. The strings of the nyckelharpa are strung with a bow, but the different tones are formed by a kind of keys. The instrument is akin to the hurdy-gurdy and is widely used in traditional Swedish folk music. In addition, Vicki studied double bass at the conservatory and plays flute, bagpipes, zither and she sings. Furthermore, Vicki collects tunes from everywhere and publishes them in book form and gives nyckelharpa workshops throughout Great Britain.

Jonny Dyer is a prize-winning guitarist and composer. He not only plays guitar, but also accordion, harpsichord, cow horn and midwinter horn, cornet, and he also has a very beautiful singing voice. He is at home in many music styles such as folk, soul, jazz and choral music and is known as one tireless and driven music innovator!

Together they are skilled in writing songs that effortlessly connect traditional folk music with contemporary and are known as impressive song editors and arrangers.
But what is most important to you: they provide an evening full of beautiful music brought with humor and with fun background stories.

We have seen them perform live a number of times and that was a pleasure! A pleasure that we will gladly let you enjoy.

If you press the "Media" button on this website you can already enjoy some of their songs!

So don't hesitate: reserve a seat for this special first concert of the year and be surprised by so much "novelty"!
It would be nice if we could start the new year with a full house! We are counting on you !!

And should you want to know more about our house concerts you can contact us by pressing the "Contact" button.

When you click on the buttons "Photo's" and "Reviews" you will be able to see and read how great the last concerts were!

Therefore: put the date of February 29 2020 in your diary, make sure nothing else comes up on that date, make your reservation through this site and ensure yourself of the best seat!!
As usual we would love to have a "session afterwards", so should you play an instrument please take it with you or would you like to sing please stay as long as you like after the concert!!

You'll find the dates for our upcoming concerts under the button "Agenda" .

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