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House Concerts in Tilburg


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Dear Music Friends everyone,

About 5 months ago we wondered whether we could ever think about house concerts again, given the lockdowns and all corona restrictions. And now we have already had two concerts and the next one is already on the way!
The concert with Gerry Colvin in March was an unprecedented success in terms of music, conviviality and atmosphere. Even though there wasn't that much audience yet, everyone who was there really enjoyed it, not least the artists! It was even such a success in our eyes that, completely against our habit, we immediately booked another concert by Gerry for next year!
On Sunday November 5, 2023 he will perform again in Tilburg, and then hopefully with the complete band!
And then the concert with Niamh Parsons in April......finally a full house ! We had to get used to seeing so many people together again! Niamh's fame apparently preceded her, as there were many loyal fans of hers in the public. And they came from all over the country and even from abroad! Niamh and Graham were also very pleased with the atmosphere in our house and about the terribly nice crowd we always manage to gather!! Compliment to yourself..... we have the best audience that an artist can wish!!

The photos and videos of both concerts are ready and can be found under the buttons Foto's en Media!

So let's just keep going now! On Thursday 23 June 2022 the English duo GreenMatthews again giving a concert in our living room.

Green Matthews (voor nieuws)

Two young, incredibly talented musicians, who can really play instrumentally on a whole range of instruments. And not only that: musicians who are at home in really all musical styles. Whether it's traditional, historical folk songs or more modern music, these two artists give all kinds of genres and in all kinds of ways their own modern twist to the music they perform. They do that in both contemporary and authentic traditional instruments, and so surprise you just as easily with a real shawm or French bagpipes as with a flute, guitar, keyboard or mandolin. Both Sophie Matthews and Chris Green also take excellent care of the vocals and know it to present it to you in an entertaining manner. They perform in England with different shows in all kinds of music styles; from Canterbury Tales to self-rewritten Wind in the Willows, from Brief History of Music to The Men Who Marched Away about World War I.
The CD of this last show is a favorite in our car and plays for days on end! In addition, Chris also composes beautiful songs and tunes!
So treat yourself again to an evening of pure pleasure and come to their house concert on 23 June 2022! The first reservations have already been made, so wait not too long!

We are always happy to receive comments in the Reviews section, so enjoy yourself!

If you press the "Media" button you can already enjoy some of their songs! In addition, our site also opens with one of their songs.

So don't hesitate: reserve a seat for this special concert of the year and be surprised by so much "novelty"!
It would be nice if we could have a full house! We are counting on you!!

Should you want to know more about our house concerts you can contact us by pressing the "Contact" button and filling in your details.

When you click on the buttons "Photo's" and "Reviews" you will be able to see and read how great the last concerts were! We are always happy to receive comments so enjoy yourself!

Therefore: put the date of June 23 2022! in your diary, make sure nothing else comes up on that date, make your reservation through this site and ensure yourself of the best seat!!
As usual we would love to have a "session afterwards", so should you play an instrument please take it with you or would you like to sing please stay as long as you like after the concert!!

You'll find the dates for our upcoming concerts under the button "Agenda" .

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